Rural Lifestyle

In a rapidly urbanizing era, getting back to roots is a cherished feeling and Shilparamam brings you this unique opportunity to explore rural life through the rural life style replicas, that have been created with great planning and meticulous detail. Several aspects of rural life, right from daily activities to different professions and skill sets, the rural setting brings alive those nostalgic moments which many of us continue to reminisce all time. It’s a wonderful chance for children of this generation to not only see but also feel how life was in the villages and explore the fabric of our rural culture, with life-size models, that are displayed in the one-of-its-kind village environment. Shilparamam is committed to promote this culture through such novel initiatives. The rural life style replicas brings back those rare memories of childhood in rural hamlets. The beauty of a village is depicted in every minute detail, that captures one’s attention.
From the different daily chores to hand spinning activities and rearing cows to playing musical instruments, one enters a completely new world of a rural setting. There is a clear segregation of activities, that can be noticed in villages where everyone has a different source of livelihood and a unique way of life. All this has been skillfully captured and recreated in the rural environment of Shilparamam. One can notice the different vocations of villagers, their attire, their way of life, the tools used and the overall environs of a rural life here. It is an ideal way to introduce the charm of village life to the children of this generation. Shilparamam has always been a popular hub of culture and traditions and this rural life style and environment is a veritable destination, that brings back those childhood memories of lifestyle in a village.