Uppada Pattu

Uppada Pattu sarees are made through the age-old Jamdani method. These sarees are famous for the unique designs. Weavers use non-mechanical techniques in weaving these sarees. Uppada Silk sarees are described by the length and breadth count of threads while the specialty of these sarees is its light-weight.
The colors used in these sarees are very attractive which women desire to wear during special occasions.In the 18th Century, Jamdani style of weaving was taken to South India, in Uppada village of East Godavari region, Andhra Pradesh, India. The Jamdani style of weaving is being practiced for the last 300 years. In 1972, Uppada weavers were recognized by the Govt. of India with the President’s award.
Uppada village is located about 39 kilometersfrom Kakinada. It is a beach town located in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.In order to weave a beautiful uppada saree, weavers take about two meticulous months because of the art work included, where weavers weave each saree with their own hands.Two weavers operate on a single loom and weave gentlepatterns on the material by zari work.

Uppada, Andhra pradesh