Terracotta Pottery

Terracotta is a term used for defining sculptures which are made in earthenware, and also those forms created for various utilitarian purposes like vessels, flower pots, bricks, and surface embellishments in buildings. The major step in making Pottery involves collecting appropriate refined clay, to get the desired shape. The pottery created with terracotta is used as garden pots and even for decorative purposes and also as oil lamps, or ovens. In Andhra Pradesh, Palamaner & Madanapalli Mandals in Chittoor District are renowned all over for its most attractive and varied Terracotta Pottery. The locally available mud/clay is considered ideally suitable for pottery work. They create an array of craft products like lamps, pots, musical instruments, flower vases, horses, idols, plates, elephants, and other highly attractive artefacts.

Madnapalle, palamaneru, Andhra pradesh