Pagati Veshalu is a popular and historic folk theater form in Andhra Pradesh. It is performed by three to four individuals who focus on contemporary society and some of its mannerisms. Pagati Veshalu aims to bring reforms in the society through satire. It is enacted only during the day time and is hence called Pagati Veshalu. Usually, the folk theatre form of Pagati Veshalu is categorized into several episodes and is presented as a series over a certain period of time. It also depicts stereotyped professions or faiths.

Pagati-veshalu is also called by the name Bahurupalu i.e. 'many roles'. Some of the enactments are performed by teams comprising husband and wife. The dance is known for portraying characters of less privileged communities in a positive way and it is considered synonymous with theatre in Telugu literature. According to legend and tradition, kings used to encourage their spies to disguise themselves as individuals from every walk of life, and mingle with the common man, to understand how people felt about their rule. This is also termed Pagati Veshalu.