Each folk dance is marked by a unique aspect, which becomes a characteristic feature of that particular art form. Here’s one folk art form famous for its vigour and vibrancy. Garagallu is a distinct dance form practiced in many districts, especially in the East and West Godavari Districts of Andhra Pradesh.
The dance is performed by specially dressed dancers in a group who skillfully balance Garaga on their head. Garaga is a Brass pot, which is smeared with turmeric, kumkum and then wrapped decoratively with a colourful cloth.

The dancers dance in rhythm with coordinated movement of their legs, while balancing the Garaga, which symbolizes Mother Goddess. It is performed during special occasions and religious celebrations in the state. During marriages, Garaga is worshipped by the bride and after the ceremony of marriage is completed, it is taken to the new house, where it is worshiped with devotion as Gouri.