Dharmavaram Pattu

Dharmavaram pattu is one of the authentic and renowned pattu silks of Andhra Pradesh.This pattu silk is created in the town of Dharmavaram in Anantapur District. The town emerged as a natural hub of silk weaving due to abundance of mulberry trees around the area, which has made it a natural breeding ground for wild silk worms. By the 19th century, the mulberry silk Dharmavaram sarees found nationwide recognition for the sheer brilliance and beauty of the weave. Woven initially as wedding sarees, in shades of red and yellow, the weavers innovated over time to include all colours, motifs, designs and embellishments to keep up with the changing times and increase their client base.
The process partially mechanized in the current era, to assist the craftsmen in meeting the demands of a global market.Dharmavaram silk saree has witnessed resurgenceas the saree of choice for the contemporary bride looking for a colorfully ethnic wedding. Interestingly, the weaving pattern of Dharmavaram sarees is one of the latest models, in comparison to all other drapes. It takes about four to eight days of continuous effort by two weavers, using both their hands and legs to weave a complete saree. A number of processingstageshave to be completed, before the actual weaving takes place.

Dharmavaram, Anantapur, Andhra pradesh