Dappu-The Dance of Percussion

Dappu Nrityam is one of the important and popular dance forms in Andhra Pradesh. This dance form earned its name from the sound produced by a simple percussion instrument, a tambourine-like drum which is called 'Dappu'.
The instrument consists of a circular wooden frame made mostly of neem wood. The wooden frame is fitted the skin of a buffalo or goat. Dappu plays an important role in Telugu rural art, called Janapada Kalalu. The dancers wear a 'Talapaga' or a head turban, along with a dhoti, datti and ankle bells.

The drum is rhythmically beaten with sticks, which is softened by the sound produced from the ankle bells worn by the dancers.The dancers practicing Dappu dance form are seen in the front row of any religious procession, festivals, jataras, or even marriages and other ceremonies. The performers of this art apply attractive make-up and adorn colorful costumes. They dance to the musical patterns while mythological themes are enacted to entertain the audience.