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Artisans with their skills imbibed from childhood, honed over the years into unparalleled craftsmanship, is a matter of pride for the state. When a skilled artisan touches it, wood, metal or clay, all transform into beautiful masterpieces such as toys, décor items and accessories. A wide variety of arts and crafts, constitute the cultural and artistic pride of Andhra Pradesh. With creative excellence, making its distinct mark, the kaleidoscope of hand-made toys and artefacts, "on display in Shilparamam are quite impressive". Every district in Andhra Pradesh leaves its own indelible mark, in the world of arts and crafts. Right from toys made with lacquer & soft wood, to stone carvings, toys made with soft wood, terracotta artefacts, leather paintings to applique, embroidery, bamboo products, the craftsmen and artisans of the state create an unparalleled range of art items, that is second to none. It is therefore a matter of great pride that artisans of Andhra command great admiration, for their inimitable skill and superior expertise in making an astounding variety of art products. Shilparamam offers you a chance to buy these products through the stalls and other exhibitions organized regularly.

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