Tappeta Gullu - The Dance of the Rain God

Tappeta Gullu is a highly devotional and lively dance form which is performed by men. The dance form is prevalent mostly in the three north coastal districts of AP, namely Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Vishakhapatnam.
The dancers wear a shirt and turban followed by loincloth along with ankle-bells. The performers of this dance are accompanied by the Tappeta or gundlu, which is hung on the chest. Tappeta Gullu is a special dance form which requires great skill and muscle power.

It is believed to have been performed by cowherds and shepherds right from the ancient times to amuse and propitiate Gangamma, the Rain Goddess. This dance form is currently performed in many festivals celebrated in villages, in honor of the deity. The rhythm, vigor, and tempo of Tappeta Gullu is considered exceptional while the songs rendered are mostly in praise of Lord Vishnu. A large group of about 15-20 people perform this dance form where drums are placed around their necks, creating amazing beats accompanied by acrobatics.